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Why is Monarch Plank Flooring so Popular?

Monarch Plank Flooring are a collaboration of second and third generation hardwood flooring connoisseurs. Amounting to over 80 years of experience, the Monarch Plank Flooring teams vision is to provide exquisite hardwood flooring designs. As professionals, they understand the importance of utilizing sophisticated modern finishing techniques to enhance the natural beauty of the wood, rather

26 /July /18

Why Is Walnut Hardwood Flooring So Popular?

Known for its beautifully rich color, walnut hardwood flooring can provide a stunning statement in your home. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons for this type of flooring, as well as an example of walnut used in a local home.   About Walnut Hardwood Flooring Walnut hardwood flooring comes in two varieties: American Walnut and Brazilian Walnut.

23 /January /18

How to Choose Perfect Finishing Touches for Hardwood Flooring

Does your hardwood flooring need the perfect finishing touch? You may want to add molding or some sort of other transition between different types of floors! Keep reading for some of our most popular tips. 8 Tips for Hardwood Flooring Transitions A fantastic way to add some personality into your home’s design is through floor

9 /January /18

All About Floor Finishes, Wood Dyes & Smooth Stains

When you pick out your hardwood flooring, there’s more to think about than just the species of wood and style of planks. It’s important to think about how you want the floors dyed, stained and finished. Fortunately, we’ve put together this handy guide about floor finishes, wood dyes and stains! Wood Dyes & Stains There’s a

19 /December /17

Best Color Trends For Your Home: 5 Popular Picks for 2018

Pantone may not have announced its Color of the Year yet, but experts are already weighing in on top home color trends for 2018. What hues should you incorporate into your home? How do these shades affect the flooring you choose? Keep reading to find out! 23 Top Color Trends for 2018 Pantone isn’t the only

5 /December /17

Hardwood Flooring Tips: Holiday Parties & Your Floors

As you begin to think about upcoming holiday parties, are your floors on your mind? If you’d like to install new flooring, or even refinish your current hardwood, there’s still time! Contact us right away to get started! This time of year, it’s not uncommon for hardwood flooring to take on extra wear and tear from extra

21 /November /17

Hardwood Flooring Spotlight: Why is Garrison a Favorite?

Are you looking for hardwood flooring that comes with a strong warranty? Make sure you check out the options available from a manufacturer we love to work with: Garrison Hardwood Floors. In addition to 20 separate hardwood flooring lines with countless styles, widths and colors, Garrison Hardwood Floors is known for its high quality and reliable

7 /November /17

Distressed Hardwood Flooring: The Hand Scraping Process

Do you have your eye on distressed or hand scraped hardwood flooring for your home? This style has become a popular choice for homeowners that want the look of an old, reclaimed hardwood floor that will last a long time and show minimum wear. What Exactly are Hand Scraped or Distressed Floors? This hardwood flooring is intentionally

24 /October /17

What Makes a Flooring Product “Green”?

Green flooring has never looked so good! At San Jose Hardwood Floors, we put a premium on protecting the environment. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of eco-friendly flooring products in countless colors, shapes, sizes and designs. We’ve seen first-hand how interior flooring products can become a seamless extension to your overall green design

10 /October /17

Want Popular Hardwood Floors? City Expressions by Medallion

Are you curious what type of hardwood floors is popular right now? One of our hottest sellers is City Expressions by Medallion. Keep reading to find out what so many of our customers like about this line of flooring, and why you might want to consider it for your home. City Expressions by Medallion Medallion’s City

27 /September /17

Have a Dog? How to Pick Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Do you have dogs? A lot of pet owners want their floor to look nice, but worry about their furry friends leaving permanent marks. The good news is that owning dogs doesn’t mean you can’t have hardwood floors. San Jose Hardwood Floors can help you pick the best floor for you and your entire family – including the dog!

13 /September /17