Free In-Home Hardwood Floor Estimates

When it comes to providing a flooring estimate, we pride ourselves on utilizing the technology surrounding us right here in Silicon Valley. We’re able to use lasers, video cards, 20-inch computer screens and iPhones to provide an extremely accurate flooring estimate in a fraction of the time other companies may take to provide the same. What used to take at least 4-6 hours and sometimes even 12-14 now takes just 30 minutes thanks to our creativity and openness to modern technology. How do we do it?

Flooring Estimate Tools


Here are a few ways we use Silicon Valley technology to our advantage and, by extension, your advantage:

  • Unlike most flooring contractors, we measure the space in your home with lasers, which are much faster and more accurate than measuring tape. Of course, if you prefer, we’re happy to use measuring tape as well.
  • We use the PDFs from our laser measurements to pull the designs up on three 20-inch screens, one for the main floor, one for the second floor and one for the basement. Then, on a fourth screen we pull up QuickBooks so we can provide a flooring estimate quickly and accurately.
  • By foregoing blueprints, we can reduce paper usage and email you details with the push of a button. We've also found these PDFs to be much more accurate than standard blueprints used by other flooring contractors. Plus, should you choose to go a more traditional route, we are happy to work with standard blueprints as well.
  • At San Jose Hardwood Floors, every single field technician is armed with an iPhone, making it easy for them to ask questions quickly and easily. By calling our owner, Butch Kirk, on FaceTime, they can show him the area in question and get an answer right away, no matter how far away he is. This also allows everyone on our team to get back to you quickly via email, texts or calls.
  • We make sure all our equipment is state of the art and brand new. For flooring contractors, equipment often lasts about 5 years, which is why we keep up with the latest and greatest in addition to regularly maintaining and calibrating all of our equipment, ensuring we get the job quickly and as effectively as possible.
  • We stay green by reducing paper costs, which often add up for flooring contractors, as much as possible in ways like sending invoices via email.

Using the technology surrounding us here in Silicon Valley helps us make everything as cohesive as possible and passes savings and efficiency directly on to you. Want to know more about how we stand out from other flooring contractors? Contact us or come in and visit our showroom!