Hardwood Flooring Spotlight: Why is Garrison a Favorite?

Are you looking for hardwood flooring that comes with a strong warranty? Make sure you check out the options available from a manufacturer we love to work with: Garrison Hardwood Floors. In addition to 20 separate hardwood flooring lines with countless styles, widths and colors, Garrison Hardwood Floors is known for its high quality and reliable warranty.

Client Project: Wide Plank European French Oak Hardwood

Located in California, Garrison Hardwood Floors is a great manufacturer to consider if you want to buy locally. We’ve worked with these floors in countless homes, including a recent San Jose project. The client was thrilled with their new Wide Plank European French Oak hardwood flooring; they chose it because of its exquisite rustic charm and elegance. With wire brushed texture and a beautiful oil finish, these oak hardwood floors provide a truly bold and aged appearance that captures the attention of anyone walking on it.

Why Garrison Hardwood Flooring?

What else do we love about Garrison Hardwood Floors? Like San Jose Hardwood Floors, this manufacturer puts a premium on customer service and client education. They want to help homeowners make an informed decision so they are happy with the hardwood floors they choose for many years to come. They’re also committed to high quality and creating beautiful floors while still being kind to the environment.

How Are These Hardwood Floors Made?

Garrison explains their process, “Is extensive and exhaustive.” What exactly goes into crafting this stunning hardwood flooring?

  1. First, they select strong, healthy logs to begin the process.
  2. Each log is precisely cut, creating increased stability in the final product.
  3. Garrison’s lumbar is kiln-dried in a sealed warehouse; this allows for long-term use as it cures the wood, removing all the moisture from the lumber itself.
  4. Once it’s dry, the dried wood is precisely cut into veneers, necessary for engineered hardwood floors.
  5. Unlike other flooring manufacturers, Garrison kiln-dries the wood again. By them taking this extra step, you as the homeowner can rest assured that the planks are both dry and sturdy before the flooring is complete.
  6. The company glues the veneers to the engineered flooring’s base wood. It’s worth noting they use cold bond blue; this ensures that the finished product is both sturdy and durable.
  7. Next the planks are placed in a pressure hold. This four-hour hold ensures the bond permeates and seals the base plywood and engineered veneer together.
  8. Depending on the type of finish you select:
    • The planks are sanded and smoothed to perfection.
    • The wood is distressed by hand – not with a machine! This is another way Garrison stands out from competitors. No two distressed floors look the same, because they’re all truly handcrafted.
    • Garrison’s dark/black hardwood flooring lines are placed into the company’s proprietary carbonization unit. This machine uses incredibly hot steam to darken the wood and make it as strong as possible to prevent cracks.
  9. The wood is stained with a UV coating, oil coating or oil UV finish. Unlike many manufacturers, each plank of Garrison’s hardwood floors end up with 9 to 11 UV coats of finish. This makes the flooring richer and more durable.
  10. Garrison also uses Treffert UV anti-scratch as a top coat. In addition to being incredibly strong to keep your floors in their best possible condition, it’s also eco-friendly – a benefit we value at San Jose Hardwood Floors.
  11. Recognizing that you can’t rush perfection, this manufacturer lets the planks air-dry, allowing the finish and stain the chance to sink in naturally and correctly.
  12. Finally, Garrison’s flooring undergo stringent quality control prior to the planks being shipped:
    • They check to make sure the finished floors are consistent with the samples you see in showrooms like ours.
    • They test water resistance to be sure moisture won’t sink in.
  13. Following quality control, the planks are delicately packed up to prevent damage and then they’re stored in temperature-controlled warehouses until they’re ready to be shipped to your home!

Want to find out more? The certified experts at San Jose Hardwood Floors can help you choose and install the hardwood flooring and manufacturer of your choice. Come visit our showroom or contact us today for your free in-home quote!