The Skinny on Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Rescreening and More!

How well do you take care of your hardwood floors? No matter how informed you are about hardwood floor care, sometimes all it takes to get your home’s flooring as beautiful as new is hardwood floor sanding and refinishing – or even rescreening. Where do you get started?

Hardwood Floor Rescreening

What shape are your hardwood floors in? If your flooring is in pretty good condition, you may want to consider rescreening as opposed to full on hardwood floor refinishing. If there are a few scratches from furniture or toys, this is a lower cost option you’ll want to consider. How does it work?

Rescreening involves buffing and screening the floor with an open mesh screen and will eliminate most scratches. The process roughs up the existing polyurethane finish and then applies new finish over the top. For this type of service, the finish needs to be polyurethane, not aluminum oxide. Of course this is more economical than a full finish and stain, but make sure you maintain good hardwood floor care habits for the best results.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

If your hardwood floors have more serious problems, such as deep scratches and gouges or water damage, hardwood floor sanding and refinishing is something you may want to consider. In addition to replacing boards to match the existing flooring, hardwood floor refinishing and sanding even lets you change the color, allowing you to give your home a new look and/or perfectly match the hardwood floors recently installed in other areas.

Even if hardwood floor care hasn’t been your forte in the past, now may be the perfect time for you to consider refreshing your floors. From hardwood floor refinishing, sanding and rescreening to selecting and installing new floors, San Jose Hardwood Floors is here to help! Come visit our San Jose flooring showroom or contact us today for your free in-home quote!