Kitchens are a Great Place for Hardwood Floors

Given that moisture is hard on wood floors, is it wise to put hardwood flooring in the kitchen? You might be surprised to know many homeowners actually prefer a hardwood floor in their kitchen for several reasons:

Hardwood floors provide more cushioning on the feet than other popular flooring materials like tile. Your feet will definitely appreciate the comfort while preparing meals and washing dishes!

Many homeowners actually prefer a hardwood floor in their kitchen

Hardwood floors are cheaper than tile, making them a more cost-effective option in any room of the house.

Hardwood floors are visually warm and can help tie the kitchen into the room next door or even create a whole house look.

Hardwood floors look nice with rugs, which can catch dropped food and spills, and be cleaned separately as needed, in addition to providing an additional style option.

Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain. Because they’re smoother than many other materials (think of the dirt that gets caught in bumpy laminate or between the tiles, for example), many homeowners appreciate the ability to simply sweep or use a damp mop to clean up after cooking. A lot of homeowners also appreciate that, if the hardwood floor is damaged from moisture, dents or dings, it is fairly easy to refinish and/or reseal the floor giving it a brand new look.

Do you have hardwood flooring in your kitchen? Here are practical tips for keeping your wood floor in prime condition no matter which room it’s in!