Home Office Flooring Options: Durability, Decor & More

Despite major companies choosing to scale back or eliminate their remote worker policies (like IBM), telecommuting continues to grow in workplaces across the country. Back in 2013 Yahoo tried the same thing, yet after just two years it was clear that working from home was still a reality for many of its employees.

In fact, last year more than half (53 percent) of workers said they prefer to work from home and 38 percent reported they telecommute at least once a week. In addition to that, employees who work from home have much higher job satisfaction; studies show those who telecommute are “48 percent more likely to rate their job a “10” on the happiness scale, with 10 being the highest.”

Considerations in Setting Up a Home Office

As telecommuting continues to become commonplace, an important consideration comes into play for the homeowner: creating a home office that will encourage productivity, focus, inspiration and creativity.

Ideally, your home office will be in a separate room. However, if extra space is hard to come by in your house, make sure you at least carve out at separate work area somewhere, so you can create an environment where you’ll thrive.

Small Design Ideas shares a wonderful list of considerations to address as you set up your home office:

  • Dimensions and shape of the room (often people choose a modest-size space, which may have irregular geometric shape, located in the attic or loft, have a large ceiling bevel)
  • The number and size of windows and doors (the room can be a straight-through)
  • The purpose of a home office – its functional background (a stockbroker’s office is different in design from the seamstress studio or a musician’s cave)
  • The location of the premises with respect to the cardinal points (it effects on the level of the space illumination, and therefore – the choice of colors for interior decoration)
  • The stylistic design of the apartment or house
  • The owners’ personal preference in style, color palette and other design solutions

The article goes on to emphasize, “Everything should be subordinated to one goal – the establishment of a maximum working attitude.”

The piece also recommends using white on the walls and neutral colors throughout the space to make the area feel larger and more open. Add pops of color with accent elements like a bright chair or a colorful picture on the wall. This type of design creates a positive workflow while still allowing you to reflect some personality in your space.

Flooring for Your Home Office

Home office flooring has the potential to make or break the atmosphere within a space, especially one that is closely related to the non-work related parts of your life and home. Choosing the right option requires thoughtful consideration concerning your needs within the space. Factors to consider include:

  • What sort of foot traffic will the flooring need to endure? In addition to you wandering in and out, will you have clients visiting your office, a dog keeping you company in the corner or children playing at your feet?
  • Will seasonal elements impact the floor?
  • What sort of upkeep are you able to manage?
  • Do you want flooring that’s warm and comfortable, or would you prefer a striking, powerful aesthetic?

As you consider your flooring options, think about the overall theme or decor you’d like to give your home office. This can help guide you towards the perfect fit for your workspace, too.

Flooring Options for Your Home Office

Hardwood: Hardwood flooring options are classic and timeless. They can provide both stunning beauty and inviting warmth depending the species and colors you choose. While hardwood floors are easy to maintain and offer a clean and classic home office flooring option, they also are more vulnerable to wear and tear if not properly cared for year round.

Laminate: Cost effective and aesthetically appealing, laminate flooring is a very popular home office flooring option because they are easy to maintain and can be found in a variety of styles to match the decor in any space.

Tile: Tile flooring is incredibly cost effective as well, and it holds up to moisture, meaning a spilled glass of water or wet shoes from the weather outside won’t damage the floors.

Carpet: Carpet flooring options are very popular in home office spaces for many reasons including ease of installation and the way carpets tend to absorb heat. If you prefer a workspace that is warm and inviting, carpeting can provide a comfortable feel, however carpets also come with risks. Keep in mind that dirt, dust and pollen could build up in carpet fibers if not maintained properly. Consider the likelihood of coffee spills, pet dander or other potential stains and odors that could hinder your productivity.

Area Rugs: If you want the aesthetic benefit of carpet flooring combined with an easy way to clean the fibers, consider opting for hardwood or laminate flooring and then adding an area rug. Plus, you could even swap out an area rug from time to time as an easy way to freshen up the space without a major renovation!

Also consider implementing anti-static mats into your office space flooring plan if you often use electronic devices like computers and printers etc. These can aid in the protection of whichever flooring option is best for you.

Here at San Jose Hardwood Floors, we offer a myriad of flooring options and are confident that everyone will find home office flooring they love. Contact us today to learn more about carpets, hardwood, tile, laminate flooring options and more, and visit our showroom to get expert advice and to see our numerous options first-hand.