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The Environmentally Sound Choice for Your New Floor

Ecologically friendly, bamboo hardwood flooring probably gives the most gentle glow of any of the hardwood floors. In addition to the four traditional types of bamboo flooring, (natural, carbonized, vertical and horizontal graining), it is now available in various stain colors as well as hand scraped. While tougher than oak and maple flooring, bamboo flooring has more elasticity than oak, beech or other hard woods.

We sell and install both solid and engineered bamboo flooring from leading manufacturers such as Eco Timber, Teragren and Plyboo.

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Bamboo Flooring


Made from bamboo stalks, bamboo flooring is quite affordable and eco-friendly. Bamboo is able to reach full maturity in 5-6 years with an average height of 80 feet. It is considered a renewable and sustainable resource because it is a harvested grass that continually regenerates. To make bamboo flooring, the hollow round shoots are sliced into strips and boiled to remove starch. The bamboo floor strips are then dried and laminated into solid boards and milled into standard plank bamboo flooring profiles.

For those who find it hard to comprehend just how bamboo flooring can possibly be more durable than other types of wood, consider this: regular trees will bend and eventually crack in heavy winds and turbulent weather. Bamboo is not like regular wood; it is pliable and resilient, and bends under the same conditions that would cause other trees to break.

While bamboo flooring is one of the hardest, most durable types of wood flooring out there it is also one of the kindest to Mother Nature. Technically, bamboo is classified as a grass, which means that it grows at a rapid rate. The reason that the harvesting of trees is so devastating to the environment is because they take anywhere from 15 to 100 years to become fully mature. Bamboo can be harvested every five to seven years, making it a more economically and environmentally sound solution for beautiful hardwood flooring.

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo flooring is available in just as many colors, grains and styles as traditional hardwood floors, if not more. Bamboo flooring can give your décor any of the looks you are going for, from the classic down-home feel to the contemporary, chic look that so many are looking for today.

Don’t limit yourself with traditional wood flooring. Sustainable, environmentally-friendly products are the new thing and for those who want to keep up with the times, bamboo flooring is the perfect solution. When it comes to durability, style, and sustainability, bamboo flooring is an obvious choice.</p.