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What Makes a Flooring Product “Green”?

Green flooring has never looked so good! At San Jose Hardwood Floors, we put a premium on protecting the environment. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of eco-friendly flooring products in countless colors, shapes, sizes and designs. We’ve seen first-hand how interior flooring products can become a seamless extension to your overall green design

How to Live Eco-Friendly: More Than Just Sustainable Flooring

In our last post we shared how you can choose sustainable flooring for your home by opting for eco-friendly hardwood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. But choosing reclaimed and/or FSC-certified floors isn’t the only way to ‘go green’ at home. A sustainable home extends to the materials you use in installing, refinishing and cleaning your

How to Protect Our Forests: Sustainable & Stunning Hardwood Flooring

Do you know you can have eco-friendly hardwood floors that are made from standard hardwood varieties? When it comes to sustainability in your flooring, there is a wide selection to choose from including recycled, reclaimed and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified possibilities. What is the Forest Stewardship Council? The Forest Stewardship Council is an international not-for-profit organization that sets

Flooring Rich with History: What Are Reclaimed Materials?

Whether you’re updating your flooring or remodeling the whole house, using materials made from reclaimed sources can be a great way to cut down on the cost and keep your home eco-friendly. What Are Reclaimed Hardwood Floors? A sustainable option, reclaimed flooring is made from wood salvaged from old buildings, antique barns, river bottoms, trees removed from

How San Jose Hardwood Floors is a Green Flooring Company

It’s no secret that San Jose Hardwood Floors is a green flooring company. In addition to offering a wide variety of eco-friendly flooring options to our clients, there are a lot of ways we make sure you get the best floors you can in the most sustainable ways possible. Keep reading for 6 ways we

Bamboo Flooring vs. Hardwood Floors

We’ve shared benefits of bamboo flooring and hardwood floors separately before, but how do they compare to each other? Keep reading to find out! Bamboo Flooring vs. Hardwood Floors Here are four factors to consider when choosing between bamboo flooring and hardwood floors. Sustainability. Although there are eco-friendly hardwood flooring options out there, bamboo is a more sustainable choice because

Cork Flooring – Because Cork Isn’t Just For Wine Anymore!

Cork seems to be a term we consider to be synonymous with the wine industry, but did you know that cork has many more uses and can actually make all the difference when choosing a flooring option for your home?  Cork is a natural flooring option that has the potential to add a beautifully unique aspect

Carpeting as an Eco-Friendly Flooring Option? You Bet!

When most people think of sustainable homes, they think of bamboo floors and low-energy appliances, but there are a LOT of options when it comes to building a green home. In fact, did you know eco-friendly carpeting is an option to consider? What makes carpeting eco-friendly? Mother Nature Network does a good job of laying out factors to consider:

Sustainable Pick From the Gods: Metallic Wood Flooring

Have you heard of metallic wood flooring? This is one hardwood floor design element you definitely want to consider. Created by Lengo dal Dio with water based and eco-friendly dyes, metallic wood flooring is manufactured using any solid or engineered floor as a base. It looks amazing on distressed hardwood, too! Lengo dal Dio’s one-of-a-kind process of “Metallic

Eco-Friendly Flooring Design Option: Leather!

Sure you’ve heard of leather jackets, leather purses and leather wallets, but did you know leather floor tiles are also a reality? A sustainable option for homeowners, leather flooring is an eco-friendly option perfect for cozy bedrooms, media rooms or even walls. “Custom size tiles, colors and designs are available…let your imagination run wild!” Leather