Think Hardwood Floors Aren't Durable? Thousands of Basketball Courts Say Otherwise

You might not want a basketball court in your house, but durable hardwood flooring is still a priority for many homeowners. In fact, San Jose Hardwood Floors can help you choose and install durable wood flooring that would be strong enough even for athletic needs.

One key to durable hardwood floors is upkeep. Although the average homeowner doesn’t need to sweep and use a damp mop daily to keep their flooring in good condition, athletic facilities use this strategy to make sure their courts last a long time.

Maple is one of the strongest types of wood, which is why most sports floors are constructed using it. In fact, research has shown that maple floors are also the kindest to the athlete, with more injuries occurring on synthetic floors than maple. Although you might not be running and jumping the same way in your living room, your kids’ bodies might really appreciate a floor in which injuries are less common.

In addition to considering durability, a lot of homeowners are interested in sustainable wood options. If durability and kindness to the environment are both factors, you might also want to consider bamboo. Plyboo, a major sports flooring manufacturer, has developed bamboo floors that are known for durability and eco-friendliness.

Want to know more about durable hardwood floors? Our experts are happy to answer your questions and help you find the best flooring fit for your home!

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