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Have a Dog? How to Pick Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Do you have dogs? A lot of pet owners want their floor to look nice, but worry about their furry friends leaving permanent marks. The good news is that owning dogs doesn’t mean you can’t have hardwood floors. San Jose Hardwood Floors can help you pick the best floor for you and your entire family – including the dog!

Flooring and Your Feline Friends: The Best Floors for Cats

We’ve discussed dogs and hardwood floors before, but what type of flooring is best for your feline friends? Common concerns for pets and flooring are nails scratching the floors and urine, as so many materials (such as hardwood) can be compromised from moisture. Moisture and Flooring Of course, if you pick materials like luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl

Linoleum vs. Vinyl Flooring: Benefits & Helpful Care Tips

Are you interested in floors that aren’t made of hardwood? Vinyl and linoleum flooring are two options many homeowners consider for the creativity they allow, such as creating a 20s-inspired kitchen. But a lot of people have no idea how these two materials differ from each other. About Linoleum Flooring Although it was commonly used in

Spring Cleaning! Floor Care Tips

Are you ready for spring cleaning? Is cleaning hardwood floors on your list? A big part of floor care is making sure you spruce them up regularly – even more than once a year. Have you been remiss in the past? Now is the perfect time to start! Follow the guide below to make sure your flooring is

Think Hardwood Floors Aren’t Durable? Thousands of Basketball Courts Say Otherwise

You might not want a basketball court in your house, but durable hardwood flooring is still a priority for many homeowners. In fact, San Jose Hardwood Floors can help you choose and install durable wood flooring that would be strong enough even for athletic needs. One key to durable hardwood floors is upkeep. Although the average homeowner

Expansion and Contraction of Wood Flooring: What it is and How to Avoid It

Although there are many benefits of hardwood flooring, it is important to note that expansion and contraction of the wood is to be expected as weather changes throughout the year. As mentioned in a previous post, moisture and hardwood floors don’t mix well; wood naturally expands in moisture (such as when air is warm and humid) and contracts

Wood Flooring – Solid, Engineered, Laminate, Oh My!

There are a lot of flooring choices for homeowners, even when it comes to those that want the classic, timeless look and warm feel of a hardware floor. Solid hardwood, engineered wood and laminate flooring are three options to consider: Solid Hardwood Flooring is one piece of wood, from top to bottom, with no additional materials

Expert Hardwood Refinishing – A Cost-Effective Solution For Beautiful Floors

Want to add value to your existing hardwood floors? Refinishing your floors is a fast, cost-effective alternative to installing brand new floors. How does hardwood floor refinishing work? The process includes sanding, staining, and finishing (or sealing) the wood. As with other types of home maintenance, doing it yourself is always an option, although hiring a professional

Caring for Your Hardwood Floors – Five Simple Tips

Five Simple Tips Hardwood floors are more durable than carpet and easier to clean than tile. Follow these five simple tips to keep your floor clean and beautiful for decades to come! With a new hardwood floor install or refinish, always check with the contractor for specific cleaning materials. Different finish applications require different cleaning