Flooring and Your Feline Friends: The Best Floors for Cats

We’ve discussed dogs and hardwood floors before, but what type of flooring is best for your feline friends? Common concerns for pets and flooring are nails scratching the floors and urine, as so many materials (such as hardwood) can be compromised from moisture.

Moisture and Flooring

Of course, if you pick materials like luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl planks, you can enjoy the appearance of hardwood floors or tile without needing to worry about moisture. Luxury vinyl tile and planks are also available in countless colors and design options, so you can use these cost-effective materials to create whatever type of flooring you’d like.

Laminate and hardwood floors are also good options for cat owners, especially if you maintain them properly. Because hardwood flooring can’t withstand moisture as well, put a mat under water bowls and make sure you wipe up any puddles right away to prevent warping and irreparable stains.

Nails and Flooring

When it comes to nails, cats are much easier on flooring than dogs; they just add to the normal wear and tear your floors will experience. You can also use additional coats of finish, or select a tougher finish that will protect your flooring against scratches.

If you really love the idea of hardwood floors and are concerned about claws, keep their nails clipped (which will help your furniture and your lap, too!), and consider investing in Softpaws, nail caps you can place on their paws to protect your flooring.

Opting for hand-scraped laminate can be one option to give your feline friend more texture to grab onto while roaming the house. However, just like with dogs, it can be fun to watch cats skid across your hardwood floors when they’re playing. Or you can even create a new game with them like this one!

There are a lot of options when it comes to cats and your flooring. Want help selecting the perfect floors for your home? Come visit our showroom and talk to our experts. They’re happy to provide personalized advice based on your family and any pets you have. Make sure you contact us for a free in-home estimate today, too!