Eco-Friendly Flooring Design Option: Leather!

Sure you’ve heard of leather jackets, leather purses and leather wallets, but did you know leather floor tiles are also a reality? A sustainable option for homeowners, leather flooring is an eco-friendly option perfect for cozy bedrooms, media rooms or even walls.

“Custom size tiles, colors and designs are available…let your imagination run wild!”

Leather floors are known for being resilient, easy to maintain and great for people suffering from allergies, plus offering a wide variety of design options. Leather floor tiles come in different sizes and colors, and can even be customized with laser engraving or embossing. Think of the wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs of leather clothing and accessories, and let your imagination run wild for your floor!

In addition to custom sizes, colors and designs, each leather floor takes on a life of its own simply through use. Like the weathered effect of a comfortable leather jacket, leather floors take on small scratches, stains and general wear to bring out its character and help define a room.

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Photo courtesy of TORLYS