Expert Hardwood Refinishing – A Cost-Effective Solution For Beautiful Floors

Want to add value to your existing hardwood floors? Refinishing your floors is a fast, cost-effective alternative to installing brand new floors.

How does hardwood floor refinishing work? The process includes sanding, staining, and finishing (or sealing) the wood. As with other types of home maintenance, doing it yourself is always an option, although hiring a professional can revitalize your floors a lot faster and with less worry. Our process generally takes about three days, depending on the square footage of the floor.

With nearly 30 years of experience, San Jose Hardwood Floors understands the intricacies of hardwood floor refinishing services. For every refinishing project, we use:

  • A state of the art belt sander.
  • Careful attention when selecting the grit of our sand paper.
  • A high commercial finish to extend and preserve the life and beauty of your floors.
  • A top of the line dust containment system.

Want to know more about our dust containment system? San Jose Hardwood Floor’s brand new system helps control the inevitable mess when completing a project, plus it cuts down on cleanup time, and is healthier for you, your family and pets, and our employees. The industry standard is to charge for the use of a dust containment system, but we include it with every project for no additional fee!

There is also common misconception that dust containment systems eliminate all dust from a refinishing project. In our experience, there’s no such thing; “dustless” containment systems consistently provide 75-80% containment. The reality of even a “dustless” hardwood floor refinishing project is that there will always need to be some sort of clean up, which is why San Jose Hardwood Floors always suggests scheduling a professional cleaning after any construction project.

Want to know more about what sets us apart from other local companies? Visit the San Jose Hardwood Floors website or give us a call at (408) 264-3500.

Photo courtesy of Stang-Lund