Meet the Manufacturer: DuChateau Floors

All About DuChateau Floors
  • These gorgeous hardwood floors are designed to mimic the hard-wax oiled, wide-plank floors that were developed in Holland and popular in Europe hundreds of years go.
  • These floors are made with a time-worn appearance that allows both character and longevity to shine.
  • DuChateau’s philosophy focuses on creating hardwood flooring with textured patterns. Created by changing grain patterns, true artistic design comes to life through this flooring.
  • The environment is important to this manufacturer; they use eco-friendly methods and renewable resources to create high-quality products. Their hardwood flooring is FSC Certified, C.A.R.B. Certified, Lacey Act Compliant and more.
  • DuChateau’s floors are created with a wide variety of natural techniques, such as hand scraping, hard-wax oil finish, smoking, brushing, carbonation and more.
  • All DuChateau Floors’ products are finished with the company’s Hard-Wax Oil, which is all-natural, pollutant free, non-toxic, ultra-low VOC, preservative free, benzene-free and more. This finish is also very easy to repair, unlike traditional polyurethane finishes.
DuChateau Product Lines

From hardwood flooring to vinyl, here are the product lines available from DuChateau Floors.

  • 01 The Chateau Collection®: With unique character and exceptional beauty, these floors are known for naturally changing grain patterns and free forming components of natural wood.
  • 02 The Vernal Collection®: These floors have minimal knots, cracks and vintage wood elements, providing a modern, lustrous feel.
  • 03 The Heritage Timber Edition™: Made from reclaimed building materials, this recycled flooring boasts plenty of character in FSC certified wood.
  • 04 The Riverstone Collection™: A blend of modern and rustic design, these floors are hand-sculpted with a raw, organic contour.
  • 05 The Terra Collection™: The dark colors of these hardwood floors blend nicely with both modern and classic designs.
  • 06 The Fine Sawn Collection™: This line is fashionably functional with vintage, easily maintained hardwood floors.
  • 07 The Vintage Remains Collection™: These hardwood floors are produced with axe hatch marks and one-of-a-kind treatments to mimic antique flooring.
  • 08 The New Classics Collection™: Inspired by traditional European parquets, the artistry in these floors date back to medieval times.
  • 09 The Palais Collection™: This line’s patterns were inspired by parquetry common as early as medieval times.
  • 10 The Atelier™ Series: French oak that’s crafted in Holland; every single plank is distressed and aged to provide a classic, traditional look.
  • 11 The Vinyl Deluxe® Collection: DuChateau Floors’ signature luxury vinyl line, these tiles provide the rich warmth of hardwood flooring in a low-maintenance alternative to wood.

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Photo courtesy of DuChateau Floors