Caring for Your Hardwood Floors - Five Simple Tips

Five Simple Tips

Hardwood floors are more durable than carpet and easier to clean than tile. Follow these five simple tips to keep your floor clean and beautiful for decades to come!

  1. With a new hardwood floor install or refinish, always check with the contractor for specific cleaning materials. Different finish applications require different cleaning products to maintain their original quality.
  2. NEVER use Murphy’s Oil Soap, 409, ammonia, waxes or Pledge. These products build a layer of grime and oil, that will damage floors with modern finishes. Modern floor finishes do not require oil or waxing. Floors that have seen usage of these products will eventually have to be refinished, instead of rescreened. Refinishing is significantly more expensive than rescreening.
  3. To “sweep” floors, use a quality 36” dust mop. Never use a broom or anything with sharp bristles.
  4. Use only a lightly damp mop when mopping the floors.
  5. If the floor is scratched by furniture, toys etc. it can be touched up for a very low cost. Contact San Jose Hardwood Floors for details.