How to Hire a Flooring Contractor: What to Look For

You are ready to move forward and install new flooring in your home, but how do you find the right contractor? Which is the best? How do you keep from getting ripped off? Picking a good contractor can make the difference between a pleasant and a miserable experience. 9 Questions to Ask Your Potential Flooring

30 /August /17

Flooring and Your Feline Friends: The Best Floors for Cats

We’ve discussed dogs and hardwood floors before, but what type of flooring is best for your feline friends? Common concerns for pets and flooring are nails scratching the floors and urine, as so many materials (such as hardwood) can be compromised from moisture. Moisture and Flooring Of course, if you pick materials like luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl

16 /August /17

15 Helpful Ways to Reduce Noise in Your Home

Whether you have a two-story home, a duplex or someone living below you, many homeowners want to know how to reduce noise for their neighbors. Keep reading for 15 ways to choose flooring, windows and walls that will soundproof your home. 5 Ways to Reduce Noise with Your Flooring Choose your flooring carefully. Carpeting and cork are the best

19 /July /17

How to Live Eco-Friendly: More Than Just Sustainable Flooring

In our last post we shared how you can choose sustainable flooring for your home by opting for eco-friendly hardwood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. But choosing reclaimed and/or FSC-certified floors isn’t the only way to ‘go green’ at home. A sustainable home extends to the materials you use in installing, refinishing and cleaning your

5 /July /17

How to Protect Our Forests: Sustainable & Stunning Hardwood Flooring

Do you know you can have eco-friendly hardwood floors that are made from standard hardwood varieties? When it comes to sustainability in your flooring, there is a wide selection to choose from including recycled, reclaimed and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified possibilities. What is the Forest Stewardship Council? The Forest Stewardship Council is an international not-for-profit organization that sets

21 /June /17

The Best Flooring for Your Beautiful American Craftsman Home

Are you familiar with the Arts and Crafts movement, also known as the American Craftsman style? A type of home design that harkens back to the end of the 19th century, the movement encompasses handcrafted quality and local natural materials in addition to originality and simplicity. About the American Craftsman Style In addition to showcasing the skills

7 /June /17

Home Office Flooring Options: Durability, Decor & More

Despite major companies choosing to scale back or eliminate their remote worker policies (like IBM), telecommuting continues to grow in workplaces across the country. Back in 2013 Yahoo tried the same thing, yet after just two years it was clear that working from home was still a reality for many of its employees. In fact, last year more than

17 /May /17

Flooring Spotlight: Why Do You Need Mirage Hardwood Floors?

Are you committed to installing high quality, eco-friendly floors in your home? You’ll definitely want to check out Mirage Hardwood Floors, one of our featured manufacturers. Known for comfort, beauty and durability, Mirage strives to create products that are appreciated by homeowners and kind to the environment. We’ve worked with the company for decades and

3 /May /17

Top Manufacturer for Engineered Flooring: Owens PlankFloor

Sometimes engineered hardwood floors are exactly what you’re looking for. They’re more environmentally friendly, withstand moisture better, are more dimensionally stable and are less expensive than their solid wood counterparts. If you’re looking for engineered floors, what manufacturer should you consider? We’d recommend Owens Plank Flooring! Their engineered PlankFloor is an eco-friendly alternative that makes a fantastic addition

19 /April /17

Hardwood Flooring Patterns: Which is Right for Your Space?

You may know you want hardwood floors in your home, and you may even know which species and shade you want, but another important factor to consider is selecting a flooring pattern that fits your vision. There are nine common options we introduce below; each of these flooring designs will aid in creating a beautifully unique and stunning atmosphere

4 /April /17

How to Make Hardwood Floors Stunning: Parquet, Borders, Inlays & More

Do you want your hardwood floors to stand out? In addition to finding the perfect species and finish, another consideration is design. We’ve discussed plank width and diagonal patterns already, but there are additional ways to add a decorative element to your floors: through parquet and basket weave patterns, picture frame borders, and medallions and laser inlays. Parquet Hardwood

22 /March /17

Stunning Hardwood Floors: Benefits of the Top 3 Diagonal Patterns

You may have your new hardwood flooring species and finish picked out, but what design do you want for your new wood floors? Here are three popular diagonal patterns to consider. Floor Design Idea 1: The Herringbone Pattern Do you want your hardwood floors to really pop? One design option you may want to consider

8 /March /17